The i’Mpossible Project for Suicide Awareness

The i’Mpossible Project for Suicide Awareness



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Imago partners with The i’Mpossible Project for Suicide Awareness

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Fresno, CA 5/4/2020 — IMAGO, a provider of digital curriculum for workforce readiness and social and emotional learning, has announced a partnership with The i’Mpossible Project. Together they are producing digital lessons around Suicide Awareness and Prevention. This will include not only digital lessons, but the opportunity for professional development and speaking engagements around Suicide, Mental Wellness, and Diversity.  

“Mental health is critical to our well-being and we are excited to partner with Josh to provide tools that help support educators and those in need,”  says Edgar Blunt, CEO of IMAGO.  “Suicide prevention and mental health are critical to both the emotional and educational development of students and educators,” says i’Mpossible CEO, Joshua Rivedal. “Everyone has mental health, but most have a limited understanding about it—much to their detriment. It’s time we integrate mental health as part of our educational standard, carefully and intentionally, in order to support learners and educators not just for today, but for a lifetime” 

The digital lessons will include a discussion around signs of suicide, research, tools around both help-seeking and help-offering behaviors, mental health tips, and preventative measures that humans can utilize to help promote positive mental health and reduce suicide.  The lessons are also designed to create conversation amongst humans and can be delivered by self study or facilitator lead or both.  

About IMAGO:  IMAGO provides both digital curriculum and professional development around workforce readiness which includes social and emotional learning.  They  have over 225 digital lessons that cover career exploration, life skills, work skills and social and emotional learning.  They can be delivered through both in class facilitation and distance learning.  

About The i’Mpossible Project: The i’Mpossible project is an organization that creates seminars, workshops curriculum, books music and plays designed to educate and engage on Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, and Anti-Bullying.