What is E3?

Many challenges have faced our region in the area of workplace vitality. Challenges like raising awareness for Career Technical Education (CTE) programs and collaborative methods to connect the learners in these programs to various local businesses for the purpose of Work Based Learning (WBL).

The Employer & Education Engagement Network, or E3 Network, was developed by Fresno Office of Education (FCOE) and IMAGO (Formerly Career Pillar) to alleviate these issues by providing a dynamic system that links employers with programs and students.

This unique Work-Based Learning Platform is posed to not only change the way Career Technical Education (CTE) programs engage with learners and employers, but also increase regional industry exposure.


What E3 means to Employers

Exposure. In addition to connecting for work-based learning, E3 will also host an array of resources for employers, such as how to prepare for their educational engagement, exposure of their companies and industries to future job seekers, as well as stories of inspiration that have come out of employer engagement and work-based learning opportunities.


What E3 means to Students

Experience. Thats right actual workplace experience through internships, job shadows, and more. The most frustrating thing when exiting high school and applying for a job, is their desire to only hire those who have experience in the workplace. And that is the benefit of this platform, to give learners more opportunity for these life changing experiences.

As an Emotional Intelligence company, IMAGO can will also help learners answer these 3 questions “Why they are? What they want? and Why does it matter?” through their Life Skills & Career Skills curriculum, as well as their in class workshops & facilitation.


What E3 means to Educators

Access. Some CTE and ROP instructors are well connected to their regional industry partners, but others have found it difficult to engage with them for WLB experiences. This platform will do a lot of that work for instructors and also open up many employer experiences to everyone what were once very siloed. If the goal is to expose learners to all the various possibilities for them, then a connection system like this will truly pave the way. The platform will also give instructors the ability to organize, manage, and report of WLB experiences, and give facilitators engaged feedback from learners as well.


What E3 means to the Community

Connectivity. Community organizations could also be linked to E3 as a way to interlace common objectives and provide data for funding opportunities. Creating a strong network of educational institutions, employers, and community partners increases accountability and incentivizes investment in the talent pipeline.