Using a Human Focused Design (HFD) process, we surveyed students, parents, teachers, administrators, and industry partners to co-design 20 digital lessons that would support the districts Graduate Profile.

In the Fresno Unified School District the development of a Graduate Profile has become the guiding principle for students to be both socially and emotionally competent, as well as college and career-ready, after high school. This Graduate Profile focuses on guiding students to become adaptable and productive problem solvers, creative and adaptable learners, digitally literate citizens, responsible and ethical decision makers, and skilled communicators and collaborators.

These five outcomes were created by community members, educators, and industry partners to provide measurable and succinct standards that integrate academics with workplace knowledge and skills. In addition, it informs the development of course and project outcomes. Ultimately the Graduate Profile outlines what our communities hope for and expect out of our students. It's meant to be the common vision that unites us, in order to bring clarity, direction, and grounding - not just in education, but in our community, and at home.

Social Emotional Learning

In the world of work, college, and in our communities, these are the same topics we continually discuss as employers, educators, politicians and citizens. The purpose of SEL is not to supplant anything but to inform each individual about self-improvement, provide them the agency to choose to, and the tools to do it. We would be mistaken to believe that we are “completely” socially and emotionally competent at 17, or 30, or even 70. There is nothing in the current research suggesting that a magical age exists, but there is research indicating that the sooner you start learning these skills, the better they will be.

There is nothing easy about what we’re asking for. Developing the whole human is difficult, otherwise, it would’ve been solved. But transforming education is among the first steps of the possibility. And we’re seeing it happen in many innovative schools like Duncan. In about 20 years, the learners of today will make the political and economic decisions of tomorrow. If we prepare them with social emotional competencies, what do you think our workforce and communities will look like?

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