Career and community readiness is best achieved when practiced. Work-based learning through hands on experiences allow learners to engage in their community around them.

We set out to design a tool to instantly match facilitators and learners with hundreds of local employers who are eager to prepare learners for the workplace. This tool passively engages industry partners, while equipping educators with a WBL tracking & reporting tool. Beyond just building the connections, the system facilitates an opportunity for real-time reflection and feedback for learners and employers.

Well Informed Learners Make Better Life Decisions

Students are currently living in the career and technical education renaissance that aims to open doors of career exploration and the floodgates of experiences. Never have there been so many people in education and industry striving to paint a brighter future for students.

But there are still obstacles to overcome. See, not all students have access to work-based learning programs. Few instructors are connected to the skilled professionals that can give their students invaluable insight to careers. Silos and small partnerships between education and industry have been influential to progress, but have also left a collaborative community wanting.

What if all students had the same opportunities to expand their horizons through mentors, job shadows, and internships - despite their schools economic status and the strength of their community? What if their community was un-siloed, unhindered from collaborative obstacles? Every week, students spend about 30 hours in school. What if every week, students spend a portion of that time experiencing the world through the lens of an employer? In 10 to 20 years, our current learners will be politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, and public servants. They will make decisions that affect the planet, its people, and prosperity. Let's not wait another 10 years to teach them the tricks of the trade.

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