Our Organization

The vision of IMAGO began with the mission to prepare people for the workforce and facilitate their career options. Over time, their mission has evolved to also address the needs rooted in people's thinking and behavior. In other words, in order to provide employers productive and happy employees, citizens need assistance in being professionals to obtain a job and also be mindful critical thinkers to make the greatest impact within their positions.

IMAGO is a learning organization. We deliver experiences, through digital curricula and professional training, based in emotional intelligence and human focused design. Our work supports those who have learning programs aimed at career, college, or community readiness.

Our Culture

Today, we are a company of many tints on the color spectrum of demographics. We are wild and careless and calm and caring. We believe in ourselves and each other. We believe in doing the right thing, even when the right thing is difficult. We believe that every person’s natural born right, no matter where they come from, is to grow. And we believe that these things should be prioritized before resumes and interview questions. And lastly, if you value these things too, we hope that you stay wild and grow on.

What do we want and how we go about getting it?