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24/7 & Facilitation Practice: America Works

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Design Thinking Part 1: America Works

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Design Thinking Part 2: America Works

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Graton Summer Program Online

ACTE IAED Workshop Series: Values – Attitudes – Conflict & Systems

This workshop will discuss strategies to hold core values through conflict for Excellence and Equity.

Career Tech Expo, Fresno

Come see IMAGO at this year’s Career Tech Expo at Fresno’s Chuckchansi Park.

The event is the largest Career Tech Expo in the Central Valley! Imago will interact with nearly 2,500 high school students and engage with them about careers and educational opportunities available through many trade and training facilities in our local community.


The 7th Annual “Valley Made” Manufacturing Summit

Come see IMAGO at the The 7th Annual “Valley Made” Manufacturing Summit!

The summit is designed as a workshop and resource expo to celebrate the Valley’s history of innovation in manufacturing while providing resources and networking opportunities that continue to build a well-trained, outstanding workforce. IMAGO will present on the following topics:

The Hardest-Working Generation? A Multigenerational Conversation About Work Ethic: Back in my day… okay, Boomer… one generation believes another has it easier than theirs. Depending on what generation you claim, this can generate pride or stoke resentment. Staff of any generation will enjoy a passionate discussion between four panelists representing
four generations (Boomers, X, Millennials, and Z) as they explain, debate, and compare definitions of the ideal work ethic, what they are looking for in an employee, and strategies they use to navigate this charged topic.

Hero’s Journey: What’s your story?  Tell Me about Yourself?  Are all questions we’ve been asked in an interview or when you first meet someone.  In this interactive session, we will help you develop your story using the classic template of “The Hero’s Journey.” By understanding the Hero’s Journey structure, you can use that to put into perspective your own beginnings and endings, failures and successes, and developments and growth while learning others’ journeys as well.  This is a powerful tool that can be used in classrooms to develop a culture that celebrates diverse experiences, life-long learning, and our acute and perhaps sustained resilience.

Create the Environment You Want: Feedback and Equal Voice Tools at ACTE

Come join us at ACTE!


Nature delivers feedback easily. When you touch fire, your hand hurts and immediately retreats – you most likely won’t do that again. However, feedback in the classroom or workplace is less automatic. Feedback is how we learn and most organizations have a difficult time instituting policies that are satisfactory. This workshop introduces our fast-feedback tool (I∆O) that can be used after any experience to help create a culture of learning and improvement. The second tool, 24/7, improves equity of voice and encourages succinct communication as participants express their thoughts in a fixed time frame and format. The consistent use of these tools, that anyone in the workplace or classroom can use, will create an environment that encourages a sense of agency, belonging, capability, and significance (ABCs).  

Prioritizing Educator Wellness at ACTE

Come join us at ACTE in Las Vegas!

The pandemic brought stress to the world on a new level. Educators stepped up and ensured that students came first. How do we heal? First: brain science response to trauma and physical movement studies provide profound evidence of the necessity of mindful practice, time and energy balance, and physical movement for sustained success and health. Second, what this is NOT! This is not boot camp. This is not religious practice. This is not new. Third, what this IS. This is serious inner physical, mental, and energy work. This is learning. This is risk taking, trust building, and intentional growth. This is fun. Let us begin. The theory: Consistency trumps intensity. Safety first, then challenge. First awkward, then awesome. Components: Investment (bow in; show up; embrace the awkward); Accessibility (time, device, location). Deliver fun, engaging, challenging, inspiring teaching and learning.