Mindsets Lessons at Fresno Unified School District

Fresno Unified School District partnered with IMAGO to develop digital curricula to support their Graduate Profile. The Fresno Unified Graduate Profile consists of of components representing characteristics learners should embody by the end of their secondary education: (a) Adaptable and Productive Problem Solvers, (b) Creative and Adaptable Learners, (c) Digitally Literate Citizens, (d) Responsible and Ethical Decision Makers, and (e) Skilled Communicators and Collaborators.

The digital curricula for Fresno Unified’s Graduate Profile consists of Mindsets Lessons. Learners have access to the full IMAGO platform and library of lessons—Mindsets* and seven other lesson categories:

The purpose of this report is to cover (a) the completion rates of lessons across the district, (b) learners’ mindsets extracted from study guide responses to lesson-questions, and (c) recommendations given both completion rates and learner responses. This report focuses on learner responses because it is important in identifying how learners are thinking and understanding the metacognitive concepts outlined by Fresno Unified’s Graduate Prole. Moving forward, this provides a baseline understanding of how to positively ininfluence and encourage learners to develop these skills at home, school, and work.

Completions (as well as all other results in this document) were calculated by extracting school data from the IMAGO platform with all user profiles scrubbed for privacy purposes. IBM’s SPSS was used to provide all descriptive statistics. The results and recommendations are provided throughout the remainder of this report.

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Mindsets Lessons at Fresno Unified School District