The Fresno Unified School District is California’s fourth largest school district, serving over 74,000 students. 

Since 2015, FUSD has partnered with IMAGO in the development and implementation of digital curricula to support their Graduate Profile. A profile consists of five components representing characteristics learners should embody by the end of their secondary education: (a) Adaptable and Productive Problem Solvers, (b) Creative and Adaptable Learners, (c) Digitally Literate Citizens, (d) Responsible and Ethical Decision Makers, and (e) Skilled Communicators and Collaborators.

The digital curricula for Fresno Unified’s Graduate Profile consist of Mindsets Lessons. Fresno Unified provides access for all Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers and their students to the IMAGO platform and library of lessons—Mindsets* and seven other lesson categories:

Industries: Introductions to industry sectors

Local Paths: Introductions to career pathways

*Mindsets: Foundational knowledge of skills and habits for success

Life Skills: Applying social skills

Career Pathways: Exploring, selecting, and planning careers

Work Skills: Finding jobs, getting hired, and maintaining professionalism

Career Dives: 1st-hand look at specifc careers in the field

Life After High School (LAHS): Prep for successful transition after high school

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The purpose of this report is to cover (a) the completion rates of lessons across the district, (b) learners’ mindsets extracted from study guide responses to lesson questions, and (c) recommendations are given both completion rates and learner responses. This report focuses on learner responses because it is important in identifying how learners are thinking and understanding the metacognitive concepts outlined by Fresno Unified’s Graduate Profile.

Developing learners’ skills and characteristics within each component of the graduate profile has been, and continues to be a focus of the district, providing access to the IMAGO platform and digital curricula for all Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers and their students.  

Let’s work together to activate every student’s full potential.

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Providing K-12 students with social emotional learning curriculum; it’s what we do. Why? Our world is complex and constantly changing, and the skills we all need to succeed involve emotional intelligence. It’s the foundation to help our students be their best and ultimately thrive in their careers.

With IMAGO’s video-based curriculum, we not only educate K-12 students on SEL, but we captivate them with our engaging lessons and thoughtful questions. Because having SEL curriculum is one thing, but to create a lasting impact for students is another – and it’s our mission to help every student unlock their full potential.

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