The Madera Unified School District is located in the geographic center of California in a growing community of 55,000, serving over 20,000 students (K-12) in 28 schools.

Madera Unified School District (MUSD) partnered with IMAGO to help equip 6th-grade learners with knowledge about different professional industries and local career pathways available within the district—aiming to prepare them better to make informed decisions in high school and beyond. In light of this goal, IMAGO developed digital Industries and Local Paths lessons specific to MUSD’s career pathway offerings. MUSD learners had access to the full IMAGO platform and library of lessons – Industries, Local Paths, and six additional types of lessons:

IMAGO’s Industries and Local Path Lessons

Career Exploration (Industries)

Twelve (12) online lessons are included in the career exploration curriculum that provides descriptions of each industry sector: Agriculture and Natural Resources; Arts, Media, and Entertainment; Building and Construction Trades; Education, Child Development, and Family Services; Engineering and Architecture; Health Science and Medical Technology; Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation; Information and Communication Technology; Manufacturing and Production; Marketing, Sales, and Services; Public Service; and Transportation.

Local Paths

Ten (10) online lessons overview a specific career pathway offered in high school at Madera Unified.


  • Within the district, 57 teachers created one or more classes totaling 631 hours spent on the IMAGO platform. 


  • 2,014 students started at least 1 lesson, and 1,852 students completed at least 1 lesson
  • Students completed 25,901 lessons
  • An average of 85% of the students felt they better understood the various industries included in the Career Exploration lessons. 
  • Over 80% of the students felt that the Local Paths lessons provided them with information they didn’t know.

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Providing K-12 students with social emotional learning curriculum; it’s what we do. Why? Our world is complex and constantly changing, and the skills we all need to succeed involve emotional intelligence. It’s the foundation to help our students be their best and ultimately thrive in their careers.

With IMAGO’s video-based curriculum, we not only educate K-12 students on SEL, but we captivate them with our engaging lessons and thoughtful questions. Because having SEL curriculum is one thing, but to create a lasting impact for students is another – and it’s our mission to help every student unlock their full potential.

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