"Seek to love. That’s where we start."

~ Team IMAGO

Life-long Learners

Knowing we have room to grow, we’ve chosen to identify learning opportunities in our everyday life. Armed with curiosity, kindness, and energy, we are always willing to embrace the awkward and unknown, for and with others. If you’re looking to collaborate and iterate, put on your growth mindset and we’ll meet you in our den.


We imagine with our heads, align with our hearts, and build with our hands. Our projects are radical and always developed with our partners and team. Creativity is messy, but if you’re looking to trust the process and design something unique with us, go get some sticky notes and markers let’s fill up our walls.


We are the bedazzled monkey tank top you wear under your sportcoat. We are that karaoke song that makes you take the stage just to sing along. If you’ve ever had a two am taco and thought, “Wow, I wish I could work with a company THIS delicious”, then go grab your salsa and plenty of napkins; it might get saucy.




T.W. Patterson Building

In the heart of Downtown Fresno


2014 Tulare Street, #810, Fresno, California 93721

Want to learn more about who we are, what we want and why it matters?