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200+ digital lessons with facilitator guides on emotional intelligence, i.e., social emotional learning, life skills, planning, and exploration. Incorporating these skills in a person’s learning can have a positive academic, social, and economic impact (Mahoney, Durlak, Weissberg, 2018).


Our workshops support individual thought and cooperative learning. They teach mindsets and tools that address 2/3rd of Teaching Performance Expectations.


An online platform where educators, counselors and mentors can assign and facilitate lessons with their users.


We conduct research on students’ learning to understand baselines, improve content, and build on what they learn. After watching the Lifelong Learning lesson, 86% of students reported an increased motivation to learn (IMAGO, 2019).


88.5% of students reported that asking questions about a career was critical for developing an interest in the career (Nyamwange, 2016). The Experience Platform makes connections with learner-to-industry so that they can inquire.


100% of created content go through multiple designs, i.e., backwards design and universal design for learning, are approved by educators, and produced for learners.


CTE Administrator
Clark County School District

"Our goal is to provide a tool and [the] support for teachers to aid in College and Career readiness around soft skills and communication regardless of a students future."

Kristen McKenna

Director of College and Career Readiness
Madera Unified School District

"IMAGO has ideas that really fit what we wanted with a very creative approach. With IMAGO we’re able to give our students custom lessons that’s relatable to their hometown while still able to teach them about CTE and Emotional Intelligence."

Jeremy Ward

Executive Officer College and Career Readiness
Duncan Polytechnical High School

"An increased understanding and connection to our school-wide learner outcomes, our district's graduate profile and an increase understanding and application is applying general soft skills thanks to the IMAGO lessons that all students participate in during our advisory program. The lessons drive home a clear point and idea thanks to their thoughtful planning and engaging design."


Jan 31

CTE Symposium

This symposium provides alternate strategies to CTSOs, e.g., embedding social and emotional learning for leadership and workforce readiness (SV233).

Feb 13

Harris Lecture Series: Educational Disruptors

This lecture involves a conversation about innovation within education. Specifically, we'll discuss how social and emotional learning is now more important than ever due to technology and how connected we are in all areas of life and work.

Feb 27

Educating for Careers

This conference provides professional development surrounding career technical education (CTE). We will have a booth and will be presenting at this conference!

Mar 9


This conference and festival empowers the community to advance teaching and learning as an international education conference. Come say hi at our booth!

Mar 13


This conference is designed by educators for educators to connect with the resources, knowledge, and community to implement innovative and effective leadership and instruction. Join us at our booth!