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    Social Emotional Learning Platform

    "...emotional intelligence emerges as a much stronger predictor of who will be most successful..."


    Work Based Learning Platform

    "The best way of learning about anything is by doing."


    Professional Learning Experiences

    "If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together."


    Human Focused Design

    "We spend a lot of time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it."




  • Strategy

    Edgar, a co-founder, develops the strategy and vision that enables Imago to attain both its short-term and long-term goals. Overseeing the implementation of well-developed initiatives, Blunt ensures that both financial and operational growth are successfully maintained.

    Prior to Imago, he spent over 15 years in a full-service Staffing, Recruiting, and Human Resources firm. There Edgar interviewed thousands job seekers and worked with hundreds of businesses to get a first-hand taste of the challenges and rewards of a successful career match.

    As our resident “Student Activities Director” he has a great passion for people. He is energized by innovative collaboration, as well as getting down on the dance floor (with or without a karaoke mic).

  • Technology & Administration

    Jason is an accountant turned programmer, serial entrepreneur, and a co-founder of Imago. He manages all aspects of technology, developing new and innovative systems for both in-house and client use. Shoulet’s responsibilities extend to accounting and legal, where he utilizes his 15 years of extensive strategic, analytical and technical experience.

    Before Imago’s conception, he co-founded and sold two small technology companies and worked for a large regional public accounting firm consulting numerous Bay Area technology companies.

    Jason works hard and plays hard. At the expense of sleep, he can be found consuming copious amounts of good food, enjoying great beer and spending time with his family and friends.

  • Creative

    Jonathan was Employee Number One for good reason: he has the ability to wear many hats and juggle multiple projects at the same time. His responsibilities now focus on course production including e-learning, curriculum design, videography, studio engineering, UI design, illustration, and technical support.

    Jon's career started in graphic design and has developed into multi-media production. Additionally, he has helped create and launch a number of successful marketing programs for organizations in a variety of industries.

    It’s rumored Jonathan has a set of golden pipes, but this is a sight as elusive as his expense receipts, socks, and chin. You can bet that if something looks good around here, it’s because Jonathan, a.k.a. “the Beautiful One,” has touched it.

  • Philosophy & Psychology

    Researcher by nurture, philosopher by nature.

  • Community & Partner Relationships

    Michelle is responsible for all things community, both internal and external. She keeps customers, users, and the Imago team happily connected by creating and implementing the new customer on-boarding experience, end-user focus groups, midday brain-strolls and all-night company huddles.

    Prior to Imago, Michelle has been a part of numerous teams and managed staff with nonprofit organizations. She is experienced in running programs focused on life skill development for both youth and adults.

    You know that moment when you're on a plane and a complete stranger's mother asks you to her only son's wedding in Kampala, Uganda... and two weeks later you go? Those are the moments Michelle Wong LIVES for.

  • Community & Partner Relationships

    As the newest member of the Imago family I use my passion for education and people to facilitate the deployment of our team's "secret sauce". I come to Imago after spending eight years in the non-profit arena working with people having the same passions for makingthis world a better place.

    I love to play and learn with new and old friends.

  • Techno Guru

    Adam is a technologist and graphic designer who fell hand over mouse for video. Working as a freelance designer and behind the scenes on various events running live audio and video. His knowledge base on A/V hardware and software grew and expanded into IT where he worked for two years.

    Now hired at IMAGO, he brings this wealth of knowledge to the table. As the in-house IT and data management guru, he also takes the helm of video editor for the lessions IMAGO develops.

  • Partner Development

    An East Coast native, Rob brings a fresh perspective and experience to the Partnerships team. His work with Imago is focused on developing the types of relationships that will help to change the way learners of all ages think about the world and their place within it, something Rob is extremely passionate about.

    Before Imago, Rob worked in several industries, building partnerships from finance to big data. In all of those forking paths, it was Education that stood out strongly for him as the area of most importance to the world today and with that, in 2016, Rob joined the Imago family.

    In his spare time Rob can be found reading anything from comic books to cook books and loves to spend his free time enjoying good whiskey with good friends. He is also a big fan of classic Simpsons and with little prompting can complete almost any quote.

  • Research

    A Michigan transplant from Kalamazoo, now living in the golden state and loving it. Kara is a hot-sauce addict; lover of all things cheese, including jokes; and believes that love and humor are the key to world peace. She is also a health and fitness aficionado, balanced by a sweet tooth and minor-ish pizza habit.

    Kara earned her B.S. in Behavioral Psychology and Philosophy from Western Michigan University, and her M.A. in Experimental Psychology from California State University, Fresno. After graduating, she established Sid's Analytics, a research and data analysis consultation firm that allowed her to work with clients from all over the world. After a few years, she was hungry to learn more and have a more meaningful impact on the world, and knew the best approach was to join a team of optimistic intellects with a mission to do good.

    As a researcher and data scientist, Kara is helping the IMAGOites with the evolution of our understanding of emotional intelligence and the measurement of our curricula. She understands the emerging nature of emotional intelligence in academic curricula, and is employing serious scientific rigor in her work in order to help ensure the delivery of truly effective products to our partners.

  • Wisdom

    Jayme, Chief Product Officer of FocusVision, a leading marketing research technology service provider, provides Imago advice on all things start-up. His perspective is invaluable and serves as a beacon for what we hope to accomplish.

    Previous to FocusVision, Jayme served as co-founder and co-CEO of Decipher Inc. where he shepherded his startup to almost two-hundred employees and an acquisition in 2014.

    With his free-time, when not playing Yoda for start-up companies, Jayme can be caught traveling with his family or pedaling his heart out on any surface this country has to offer.

  • Admin Support Specialist

    From tracking customer support issues to helping our team navigate our crazy schedules, Nikki is a master of detail and organization. She is vital to helping maintain the quality of the content we produce, often being one of the last members of the team to review content before it reaches our customers.

    Nikki can be found spending her downtime at home with her kids. Surrounded by the company of her family and friends, Nikki truly believes life is about enjoying the little things.

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