The Madera Unified School District is located in the geographic center of California in a growing community of 55,000, serving over 20,000 students (K-12) in 28 schools.

Guided by a powerful vision, Madera Unified sets the standard for hard work, creativity, and resiliency with a fearless drive to improve continuously.

From their first day of school, students focus on learning the basics to fulfill their career aspirations. As students turn toward high school, they choose a career path based on their interests, talent, and future goals.

Committed to providing the focus, direction, and resources to provide a complete educational experience for students, MUSD partnered with IMAGO and its online, video-based curriculum platform to support social-emotional development and build the soft skills needed for twenty-first-century careers.

Social Emotional Intelligence Makes Us Better Humans.

We’ll Help Your Students Be Their Best.

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We’ve partnered with over 100 school districts (and counting!) to help students with social
emotional learning. The best part? Our SEL curriculum works.

IMAGO's School district partners - Clark County School District, Visalia Unified School District, Madera Unified, Fresno Unified School District, Pasadena Unified School District, and Long Beach Unified School District