Industries & Local Paths at Madera Unified

Madera Unified School District (MUSD) partnered with IMAGO to help equip 6th grade learners with knowledge about different professional industries and local career pathways available within the district—aiming to better prepare them to make informed decisions in high school and beyond. In light of this goal, IMAGO developed digital Industries and Local Paths lessons specific to MUSD’s career pathway offerings. MUSD learners had access to the full IMAGO platform and library of lessons – Industries, Local Paths, and six additional types of lessons:


The lessons were implemented during the 2017-2018 school year. Students and teachers were surveyed toward the end of the year.

Note: Note: There were between one and five classes, one and four teachers, and 31 and 134 students using IMAGO at each school.


The purpose of this study is to describe MUSD’s use of the IMAGO lessons, discover how Industries and Local Paths lessons were used, learn what teachers and students thought of the Industries and Local Paths lessons, and identify some outcomes from these lessons based on the distributed surveys. The results and recommendations are provided throughout the remainder of this report.

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