No Way As Way by Dr. Alan Harris

May has always been a long month on the education calendar.  Close enough to the end that the students want to check out, if they haven’t already, and far enough away that teachers are trying to reach the end of that unit, or book or concept.  I won’t even mention testing.  In 2022, we add in the final stretch of what has been an unprecedented 27 months.  For the graduating seniors they had one year, Freshman, that was unaffected by the pandemic.  Suffice to say everyone in schools has a lid that is partially flipped (see Brain in the Palm of Your Hand).  

Hence, our goal here is twofold.  One, we hope you know all of us at IMAGO see you; we are grateful for your service, belief in students, and we see you as heroes.  Two, we are working to try and give you as many tools as we possibly can to support your mission particularly in May 2022.

I am an admirer of Bruce Lee, and recently read a wonderful book “Be Water, My Friend: The Teachings of Bruce Lee” written by his daughter Shannon Lee. In it, she discusses his philosophy of “No Way as Way,” and I found it profoundly appropriate for educators right now. My takeaway is that there is no specific way.  The way is to try all the ways.

Through the newsletter, our Wins Matter Wednesdays, and open email and phone practice, we are trying to provide you with more “ways” or tools for your toolbox.  We know every school and every classroom is unique. They are unique in strengths and unique in challenges.  Maybe a win board will work in one class, and in another, you need a rubbing stone for yourself all day.  We hope to help you build a bevy of “ways” to care for students and yourself.  We hope they add value to your classroom.  

Look for four more Wins Matter Wednesdays and continue to give us feedback on what leaves Impressions, what we can change and in specific takeaways that matter.  Your feedback will inform how we serve you next school year.  As always thank you for service to young scholars, and may you continue to find your “way”.