Since January 4, 1993 I have served public education.  That first day on the job taking over a class of 7th and 8th grade students with moderate to severe learning and behavior disabilities is a cherished memory.  The day before I started I asked my father, James Harris (40 year veteran principal/teacher) if he had advice for me.  He said, “Never react, always respond.”  That was his only advice.  I love scholars of all ages and believe the only thing that ever has and ever will advance student achievement is the teacher and student relationship.  That’s it!  So what am I doing at a private education technology company that focuses on Social Emotional Learning?

The answer: My father’s advice before my first day of teaching, “Always respond, never react.

From that first day forward his advice continued to ring true. Taking the time to respond requires pausing, looking, listening and understanding the problem. Then being intentional about the response.  We need to teach and learn how to be our best as people, personally and professionally.  We need to be globally aware with decision making, self management, and relationship skills to find professional aptitude and personal wellness.  Now more than ever these are interdependent.  My years in education and particularly the last five I have looked, listened and tried to meaningfully learn about this need.   IMAGO provides a response to this need.

IMAGO began in the workforce and brings that knowledge to schools, but most importantly IMAGO understands technology is not the solution. People, teachers, students, and principals provide solutions.  IMAGO has content, a platform and the adaptability to meet teachers and schools where they are at.  I am excited to be a part of it.